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Pennsville Township, NJ Is located in Salem County, NJ. The best description for point of reference is Exit 1 New Jersey Turnpike, or base of the Delaware Memorial Bridge (New Jersey side) or for the older crowd, the home of Riverview Beach Park and the Delaware/New Jersey Ferry. The community has a population of 13,000. It is the largest population in Salem County and is spread over 26 square miles.

The Township is protected by 2 fire stations. Our station, Pennsville Fire & Rescue Co., provides fire suppression, basic & specialized rescue and medical services and our sister company, Deepwater Fire Co., also performs fire suppression and basic rescue.

It is mostly residential with three major industries (Atlantic Electric, Du Pont Chemicals, and Siegfried Pharmaceuticals.) and its fair share of commercial strips. Included in its district are a federal cemetery and a state park.

Emergency Services
In Salem County, each township is solely responsible for supplying fire protection and emergency medical services to their own community. Paid services in the county are the Pennsville Ambulance Department (Squad 5), Carney's Point Ambulance (Squad 11), and Underwood Hospital Paramedics (MICU) stationed at Salem Memorial Hospital. All other fire and EMS services in the county are volunteer. Fire/EMS districts are determined by township boundaries not by the closest company, although mutual aid is common between communities.

NFPA handbook is used as a guide for dispatching. All structures are classified by Low, Medium, or High responses. A predetermination is made by the chief for all structures for classification of structures and the type and number of apparatus response. That predetermination is then entered in the 911 CAD system which is referenced for dispatching emergency services.